Cosmetics: Are You For or Against? Do They Make You Beautiful

We are constantly bombarded by skinny models implying that beauty is not possible if you don’t look like them.

If we don’t look like them, we’re considered inferior. Then we are conned into buying the latest beauty products, with false endorsements from these models. They are paid huge amounts to say they use them!


It is not beautiful or healthy to be as thin as these models! The high-priced cosmetics will not make any difference!

We can improve our beauty but it is not something we will be able to do by consuming a lot of pills or becoming obese. Is this beauty? This is alarming, as our youth are being brainwashed.

There are two types of people.

There are two types of people. The first will be obsessed with the tabloids. She will eat all the junk, starve herself to death and think only of her self-image. The second type is the one who gave up on perfection long ago. She was either too overwhelmed or simply unable to bothered, and now feels low self-esteem and failure.

Aren’t you horrified by this?

First, the old saying that beauty comes from within is true. But, if you look closer at this expression, beauty comes out of all of us!

It is important to be beautiful and attractive. But, more importantly, it is important to feel good about ourselves and increase self-esteem.

But how would you define beauty?

Let’s look at define another way. YOU are the one who defines your beauty. Living authentically is how we define beauty.

Let me clarify: We must learn to live holistically, not separate parts of ourselves and think we can deal with each part in a different way. Beauty, our body and other parts of us are more than just something we carry around. We must treat our mind, body, and soul as one.

The truth is that when you live as one, you discover who you are and take care of yourself holistically. This will allow you to find your beauty, which shines from within!

Living in Awareness

You can take care of yourself from the inside. Be aware of what you eat and how you think. Tune in to your inner self and discover your needs. You will be amazed at the results relaxation techniques can have on your skin. Be authentic.

Your health, your skin and beauty are directly affected by the food you eat and how you feel about yourself.

You will discover your inner beauty and love yourself when you get to know yourself from the inside.

Enjoy the cosmetics, but don’t think that you will ever need them.

It is up to you how you care for yourself and your beauty. You are beautiful and powerful. Take care of yourself, know yourself, and be happy. To all that you desire and deserve, my success!

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